Apr 9

I have two different IRA accounts with over 5K in each one. Is it possible for me to withdraw $5K from each account or should I consolidate them first then withdraw $10K ?

Jan 17

I have had a Roth IRA since I was 18 that I have been maxing out. My husband and I are both 21 right now, and we have not put his name on it because we would like to open up one for him in order to maximize future tax-free withdrawals.

Would we have to file separate tax returns for this to be legal? Is a person allowed to have more than one Roth IRA?


Dec 10

Let’s say for 2008, I would like to contribue the $5k (max amount) to my traditional IRA and another $5k to a Roth IRA. At the same time, I’m an active participant to an employer sponsored 401k plan. I will be filing on single status. Can I do this?

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