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Question by tax_question: Can I contribute to individual roth ira and 401k roth ira at the same time ?
I’ve contributed the maximum allowed for the 401k roth ira ($ 15500). Can I contribute another ($ 4500-$ 5500?) to an individual roth ira account? Or any other individual ira account in the same year?

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Yes, I think the roth ira contribution is 4000. There is an income limit, so as long as you don’t make more than the limit you can

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Mar 30

There are a lot of companies that offer Roth IRAs. Are they all the same or are they managed differently based on different investment philosophies?

Feb 19

Is there something better than a IRA for retirement?

Feb 13

I have already contributed $4,000 to my Roth IRA at Vanguard for 2006. I was on the site to make a $1,000 contribution to my Traditional IRA, and the site said I’ve already made my maximum allowed contributions. I haven’t contributed anything to my Traditional Roth this year.

I was under the impression I could contribute $4k each to a Roth and a Traditional IRA each year. Am I wrong?

A second question. I still have a 401K with a former employer. Can I contribute money into that still?

Dec 28

Suppose I open an roth Ira 23% yield, Can I put money into a traditional ira at 23% then roll it into the roth? what are the rules for conversion?

Dec 10

Let’s say for 2008, I would like to contribue the $5k (max amount) to my traditional IRA and another $5k to a Roth IRA. At the same time, I’m an active participant to an employer sponsored 401k plan. I will be filing on single status. Can I do this?

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