May 26

They are:regular and roth. They were started in different years.

May 18

CCH released the amounts on 9/29/09 to subscribers of their service.

May 10

if someone under age 59 1/2 wants to take money out of a Traditional IRA, they would have to pay a 10 % penalty and taxes. But what if they converted the Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA first? (and they can maybe convert only the amount they need). Then – as I understand Roth IRAs – there is no 10% penalty to withdraw from a Roth. Is this true?
Also, Can you w/d from a Roth anytime without incurring or do you have to wait 5 years after conversion?

May 8

My boss asked me to bring a completed IRA application to my annual review. He will be contributing to it, and used the term SEP. Knowing nothing about IRAs, I went online and did some research. Now, I am really confused. It looks like traditional IRA funds can be used in CDs, Mutual Funds, or annuities. Which one is best? Since it is a retirement account, I want the money to stay there until retirement. What are the pros and cons? And are they all eligible for him to contribute to?

May 6

Okay. If I can only put 5000 into a traditional IRA a year. what if i want to invest more than 5000 dollars into the same fund. can i not just invest more than the 5000 and get no tax break for the additional funds? or do i really need to buy a separate identical mutual fund?

May 5

my mom died and left me as the beneficiary on her ira and the funny thing is, is that she left me out of her will and gave everything i was going to get to my sons. now i get the money from the iras, i know that, but do those ira’s still have to go though the lawyer or can i just take them and cash them in?

May 4

I asked a question earlier, but I’m still unsure as to which I should choose. Right now I’m 25, single and have a savings account. I’m looking into an IRA for retirement…thinking long term here(30+ years). My Credit Union offers both Traditional/Roth IRAs, and Tradtional/Roth CDs. I’ve read about the advantages and disadvantages to both types of IRAs but I’m nervous about picking the right one for my needs and the future. The pre-taxed Roth seems great, but what if I get married and we make over $160k?(With my current career path it may be possible) and I’ll likely be in a lower tax bracket upon retirement. Any suggestions?

May 3

tax our 401(k) retirement accounts and other retirement accounts into oblivion? Should we allow this and trust Congress to do what is best for us and the country, or should we take other action in our “democracy”?

Apr 29

Since there are a lot of possible variables, here’s my situation. I’m not planning on dying, just trying to figure how much life insurance I should have and what I can do ahead of time.
Single. Live with both parents. No dependents.
10k student loans
10k ING savings
10k stocks
2k IRA
2k credit card debt
4k car in my name

So far I’ve learned on Sallie that student loans are eligible for discharge upon death. Good reason not to pay them off when you have a nice 3% interest rate.
Now, I’d like my parents to be able to just take my car, savings/checking accounts (they have the same bank), Roth IRA, and stocks in the event of my death. How can I allow them to do that?
Which of my debts become null? And what accounts can they claim without any effort? What can I do to make things easier for them? Also, how do taxes come into effect.
I hope others may find your answers useful as well.
Sallie Mae website about loan discharge.

Apr 28

I would like the names, of theses plans and are they Guareented

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