Mar 19

Question by brewbeer212: What is the difference between a Roth IRA/IRA and mutual funds?
Isn’t an IRA or Roth IRA just a bunch of mutual funds or should I go to Investing 101?

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Answer by KC
Go to investing 101. It will explain this and a lot more. You need to understand some of these basics so you don’t toss and turn in your sleep worried about your retirement.

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Feb 27

Question by Sje: Roth IRA help – What type of funds to invest in for someone who knows little about investing?
I’m 34 and want to start a Roth IRA for myself and plan to to contribute the max amount in one contribution each year. I know I want to go with either Fidelity, Vanguard, or T. Rowe. I know very little about investing and would like to feel secure with the investment. I know there are too many funds to choose from and I don’t understand them. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Answer by Shana B
I know Fidelity (and probably the others too) has funds that are named by the year that you plan to retire (so you’d pick fund for the year 2040) that will automatically redistribute your money to be more aggressive when you’re younger and more conservative and safer as you age. They mix it up b/w stocks, bonds, and cash for you.

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Sep 13

Retirees hope to travel, contribute to college funds
Jeff and Debbie are new retirees. Both in their early 60s, they know they need to change their investment strategy from an accumulation phase to one that delivers a steady stream of income. They hope their investments can supplement…

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Mar 29

¬†We are a couple.We both have roth IRAs and are planning to retire 30 years from now.Anybody know about some good “American funds” that we can invest into our Roth IRAs?Thanks

Mar 24

I exceed income limits for traditional IRA deduction but thought I’d open one to take advantage of long-term tax-deferred growth. However, a friend recommends investing in low-cost index funds in a taxable account, as capital gains taxes (currently) are only 15% and that withdrawls from an IRA later on will likely be at a greater rate than this (depending on my future tax bracket). Does this make sense? Is there something he’s not factoring in?

Feb 28

Links to sites with information are appreciated.

Feb 18

I am going to be getting out of my job in February and I need to lower my amount that I put into the investing each month. Do I just talk to my financial planner and he can take care of that. Or anre there penalization fees? I just need to lower it for a while until I get a different job or get some other similar income. Ive done this through First Command, and they been investing my money through Pioneer Investments and Franklin templeton.

Feb 12

Please include basics and specifics. Any related information would be great. Thanks!

Lastly, are Growth Mutual funds different from Mutual Funds?

Feb 8

Right now we each have 50 bucks a month put in to the Growth fund of america and the Capital World Growth and Income Fund…. wise allocation? or should we be doing something else

Dec 15

Isn’t an IRA or Roth IRA just a bunch of mutual funds or should I go to Investing 101?

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