Feb 13

I have already contributed $4,000 to my Roth IRA at Vanguard for 2006. I was on the site to make a $1,000 contribution to my Traditional IRA, and the site said I’ve already made my maximum allowed contributions. I haven’t contributed anything to my Traditional Roth this year.

I was under the impression I could contribute $4k each to a Roth and a Traditional IRA each year. Am I wrong?

A second question. I still have a 401K with a former employer. Can I contribute money into that still?

Feb 8

Right now we each have 50 bucks a month put in to the Growth fund of america and the Capital World Growth and Income Fund…. wise allocation? or should we be doing something else

Jan 12

How much should a person make before starting to think about investing in a Roth account?

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