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Question by what?: I am a college student, can I open roth IRA and start contributing?
I am a dependent in my twenties, studing in a community college. I am employed as a tutor in my CC. Can I start saving for my retirement? does ROTH IRA work for me? or is there a better option?

P.S. I can contribute $ 400 each month. Is that too little to qualify for a roth IRA?

P.S. also, will participate in a roth IRA affect my status to receive financial aid from government?

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Answer by shiprepairwoman
You can contribute up to your earned income capped at 5K,

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Mar 25

My father is trying to pay for my sisters education.I know that we can withdraw money for college from Roth IRA.Is it the same for the Traditional?Any references are more than welcome.Thanks a lot!

Dec 23

I am planning on working for a couple of years before going to school for a regular MBA. Can I contribute to my 401k plan now and withdraw it without penalty to fund my college tuition? Or is it better to take the tax hit now, rather than take the penalty later ?

Dec 8

I am planning to work in my current position for two years and then go to school for a full time MBA graduate degree. Can I contribute to my company’s 401k plan now and then withdraw the amount after 2 years to fund my college expenses without being subjected to the additional 10% penalty ? For this to happen, do I have to roll over the 401k savings to an IRA first, and then make the withdrawal for college expenses ? Are there any expenses involved in this process ?

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