Sep 13

Retirees hope to travel, contribute to college funds
Jeff and Debbie are new retirees. Both in their early 60s, they know they need to change their investment strategy from an accumulation phase to one that delivers a steady stream of income. They hope their investments can supplement…

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Jul 17

Six Tax Breaks for Small Business
Plus steps to ease the credit crunch for smalls — all in a bill moving rapidly through Congress.


Jul 2

Accounting: Weighing the pluses and minuses of Roth IRA conversion
Also: Finance bill excludes extension of COBRA subsidy

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Jun 9

Martin , St. Lucie County Public Records: June 7
Public records for Martin , St. Lucie counties for week of June 7.

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Jun 9

Manisha Thakor : The Hard Times Guide to Retirement
The most common personal finance question I’m hearing from people of a surprising array of ages is this: “Is it possible for my golden years……

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Jun 9

Metro Business calendar for week of June 7
MONDAY, JUNE 7 Career-Prospectors,, a job-search networking group, meets every Monday at 7:30 a.m., community room at Corporate Headquarters—Watkins Centre, 15521 Midlothian Turnpike. Details: Michael Soden, (804) 594-7065 or Fred Carreras, (804) 378-2021. “Retirement Planning and 401(k) Rollover Options,“ Merrill Lynch and William …

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Jun 6

Stock market a poor choice for short-term gift
Q: Our grandson is about to graduate from college. Instead of handing him a gift, we thought we’d open an account and invest $5,000 for him. Should we choose only an SP 500 index fund, or put 80 percent into the SP 500 and 20 percent into the EFA foreign index? Or should we wait for the stock market to calm down?

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May 22

Roth conversion may impact financial aid
A Roth conversion could impact your student’s financial aid package, but you can address the problem.

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May 16

Try to avoid these stupid IRA mistakes
It’s been just about a month since the traditional IRS Income Tax filing deadline of April 15. Many of us either took advantage of our IRAs last year or we now we wish we had. Since it’s not to late for the current tax year of 2010 it’s a good time to review these do’s and don’ts of successful IRA management from the Financial Planning Association.

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Jan 7

Judge To Hecker: Pay Back 401K Or Go To Jail
A judge said he would throw Denny Hecker in jail for 90 days unless he can pay back $125,000 he liquidated from a 401(k) account held by him and his now ex-wife.

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