Oct 20

Question by Xanctity: How do I go about getting a Roth IRA started?
I’m 23, married, and interested in opening a roth IRA but I have no idea where to go, what bank to use or what my options are. I’ve done my research and know that this is the type of account I want but haven’t been able to find advice on how to get the ball rolling. Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated =)
Also, what is the minimum amount to open the account?

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Answer by SEC
When it comes to investments, it is usually in your best interest to seek the aid of a professional. A Certified Financial Planner in your area can not only help weed through the countless choices you have, but also show you how the investment fits into your overall financial picture. Check out www.cfpboard.org to find a planner in your area.

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