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Question by ajcolours: What are the tax implications for Canadians for 401k and ROTH IRA at retirement?
How do taxes work when Canadians who may have worked in the US withdraw money from their 401k or ROTH IRAs at retirement? Someone told me that a 401k can be withdrawn (and taxed in the US), but when the money is taken to Canada it will not be additionally taxed. However, the ROTH IRA would be taxed as new income in Canada. Is this true? If so, this defeats the whole purpose of the tax free growth provided by the ROTH IRA.

I am currently working in the US but am a Canadian Citizen and hence dont really know where i will be come retirement (40 years away) so I am not sure as to where I should invest. I am trying to collect details so I can make an informed decision.

Mathew, I know how the taxes work if you remain in the US. I need to find how they work if you plan to take the money to Canada. Of course I dont know how things will work in 40 years, but how do they work now?

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Answer by Mathew
For US taxes the 401 k disbursements will be taxed at your tax rate when you retire and the Roth disbursements will be tax free. Who knows what the Canadian tax rules will be in 40 years.

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