Apr 24

Question by alex: Can you find a skeptical article on Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA?
Most published articles paint a very favorable picture of Roth IRA versus the Traditional IRA (and other IRA-like plans). I have done my own analysis and I honestly think the Roth is a clever government scheme to collect more taxes, and under no circumstances have I been able to think up a scenario where the individual taxpayer/investor comes out ahead with a Roth. Can you point out any well-written article that supports my opinion?

I am not looking to debate my findings. I just want to find people who agree.

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Answer by Tony
It might help if you post the analysis you did proving your theory.

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  • Charlie & Angie G Said on April 24th, 2011 at 6:44 pm:

    Which type of IRA is best for you depends on your situation. In general, if you are in a high marginal rate now and you will be in a lower marginal rate when you retire, then the traditional IRA would be best. If it was some other situation maybe the ROTH would be best. Try sites like the motley fool, yahoo finance, CNN finance, etc.

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