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Please include basics and specifics. Any related information would be great. Thanks!

Lastly, are Growth Mutual funds different from Mutual Funds?

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  • General Custer Said on February 12th, 2010 at 1:09 am:

    A mutual fund invests other peoples money for them for a fee. IRA account holders may invest in mutual funds. Different funds have different goals and limitations on what they invest in. Like some only invest in residential mortgages in France. Others may invest only in gold mining companies. The fund managers track record is very important. Also the fees the fund charges is very important.

  • eternal student Said on February 12th, 2010 at 1:49 am:

    IRA is an account you open where in you set aside some of your earnings on a pretax basis for the purpose of saving towards your retirement. In order for your contributions to grow, you need to invest it. This is where mutual funds come into picture. Mutual funds are pooled investment vehicles. That is, your money is pooled with that of other investors and an investment manger will invest the pooled money in the pot. Of course, the manager will take some money out of the pot to cover their expenses and fees.

    There are different kinds of mutual funds that invest in different asset classes with varying levels of risk. Risk implies the possibility that the value of your investments might decrease in the near term.

    Growth mutual fund is a type of equity mutual funds that invests in companies with long-term growth potential. You could go to the Mutual Fund Education Alliance website and click on “The Basics” to start getting educated on this.

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